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Sedation Dentistry and IV Sedation

A dentist encounters all kinds of patients. Many have a fear from only sitting in the dentist's chair. It becomes a challenge for the dentist to do a surgical or a routine procedure on the patient. Sedation Dentistry empowers the dentist to take control in such situations. The patient is given a sedative which helps them in go through the procedure with great ease. There are some patients who opt to go on a complete sedation which empowers them to go through the procedure without having a single memory of the procedure. 

Sedation Options for the Patients 

There are three types of sedation options available for the patients. A patient can choose one of these options in order to ensure complete peace of mind and no side effects of the procedure. These alternatives are

Deep Sedation Patients who have anxiety disorders or who cannot withstand even a glimpse of a procedure going on inside their mouth should opt for deep sedation. A sedative is given to the patient and when they are unconscious, a dental procedure is done. So, the patient has no memory of a dental procedure and no pain or visuals of the complex procedure. You will need to come with a companion who can drive you back after the procedure. Patient must be in good health and letter of authorization may be required from your regular physician. 

Moderate Sedation A high power local sedative is given to the patient that completely relaxes the facial area of the patient while they are conscious. They can see that a procedure is going on inside their mouth but will not be able to feel it because of the sedative. You will have to come with a companion to take a moderate sedation.

Mild Sedation The simplest form of sedation, moderate sedation is local in nature and the muscles are relaxed using a sedative and senses of the facial area are sedated. The patient remains awake and is aware of the procedure. However, he cannot feel the procedure because of the local sedative. 

These three kinds of sedatives are administered using common three sedation techniques. 

IV Sedation Intravenous sedation or IV sedation is one of the most popular sedation technique in which a sedative is administered directly in the vein to leave the patient unconscious during the procedure. 

Oral Sedation A prescription pill is given to the patient an hour before the procedure which completely relaxes the patient by the time the dental procedure starts.

Inhalation (Nitrous Oxide) A good number of patients do not want a powerful sedative that forces them to come with a companion for the procedure. Inhalation sedatives are used for such patients where the patient inhales a particular gas like Nitrous Oxide which leaves them partially unconscious for a short duration. 

These are the various sedative dentistry and IV Sedation options used in Albany County Dental. The procedures are completely safe and are done under medical supervision to ensure the safety of the clients. All of our doctors who administer the above sedation techniques completed special training in order to perform such procedures.

Patients coming in for heavy sedation should come with a companion. We do not allow patients who come alone to leave the premises until the sedative has completely worn off to avoid any unfortunate incidents.

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