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Root Canal Therapy

Root Canal Therapy popularly known as RCT is a revolution in dentistry. Before RCT became a common practice dentists around the world used to remove the teeth that suffered from any kind of nerve disease. Small or big, a nerve injury or disease leads to removal of teeth which was a major challenge before dental practitioners around the world. Root Canal Therapy has changed the dental sciences and has induced hope for many patients who suffer from minor nerve diseases. Now, with a few therapies Dentists can now get their nerves repaired. Although the role of nerves is limited to sensations, the damaged nerves have a huge impact on the patient.

The Problem Nerve damage is occurs when there is a deep cavity (hole) or crack in the tooth which allows the bacteria to enter the pulp tissue. Upon entering the pulp tissue the germs attack the nerves and do a great damage to the nervous system of the tooth.

The Symptoms Nerve damage is associated with hot and cold sensations (temperature sensitivity), severe tooth ache, pain in chewing or upon applying pressure on a particular zone, swelling of gums in a particular area and there is dark discoloration of the damaged tooth in most of the cases. A patient can suffer from one or a combination of the above given symptoms depending upon the damage done by the bacteria to the nerves.

How We Do Root Canal Therapy? Albany County Dental Associates offers the best root canal treatment which is divided into four stages. Here is a step by step treatment procedure followed by our doctors

Initial Treatment When a patient comes with nerve damage, they often come in late when there is a huge damage already done. In such cases an initial treatment is done in order to relieve the nearby area of the damaged tooth with the help of medication and the patient is given medication for immediate relief from the situation.

Diagnosis Using our state of art diagnostic equipment we diagnose the effected tooth, the level of nerve injury, the damage level of the tooth and the affected area. The sophisticated high definition X-Ray and diagnostic equipment help in accurate diagnosis and prognosis.

Recommendation By carefully studying the diagnosis reports and x-ray reports, our doctors suggests the various treatment options available for the patient along with the best treatment plan. From a single sitting RCT to a four sitting Crown placement there are many RCT procedures which are recommended based on the level of damage done to the tooth.

Treatment Root Canal Therapy or RCT is a complex procedure that requires a high level of professional expertise and precision. The tooth is thoroughly cleaned and then it is filled with ceramic or other filling to cover the gap created in the tooth. In case of a Crown placement, the tooth is filed to place a crown to give it strength.

Why Come To Albany County Dental Associates For Root Canal Treatment? Root Canal Treatment requires a high level of professional expertise and commitment from the doctor. It requires undivided attention and a detailed review of the case in order to have the right diagnosis and treatment selection. At Albany County Dental Associates we have the state of art diagnosis equipment that helps in accurate diagnosis of the case. Our Doctors personally takes care of every RCT patient and gives them a high priority as an RCT treatment can save their tooth. We believe in saving the teeth instead of offering removal as a treatment. RCT is one of the treatments which helps in his resolve.

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