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What is Orthodontics and why do I need it?

Orthodontic procedures are done to correct the position of the jaws to make them fit correctly and make it easier to clean them. Orthodontic procedures ensure that the jaw is in perfect shape and the teeth fit in perfectly on one another to give perfect biting and chewing capabilities. Another great impact of orthodontic treatment is the cosmetic effect these treatments do to the mouth. After an orthodontic treatment a perfect smile is restored with a perfect mouth.


When is an orthodontic treatment needed? An orthodontic treatment is needed in one of the following situations.

• Overbite When upper jaw lies ahead or is a little forward of the lower jaw.

• Under bite when lower teeth lie ahead or are a little forward of upper jaw.

• Cross bite the case when the upper jaw does not perfectly closes when the mouth is closed.

• Open Bite When there is a space between the front or side teeth when the jaw is closed.

• Misplaced Midline When the Centre of upper and lower jawline do not match evenly.

• Spacing when there are gaps or missing teeth in the jaw line.

• Crowding when there are teeth one in front of the other in a congested jawline.

What are different types of orthodontic treatments available?

There are different type of orthodontic treatments available in Albany County Dental.

Braces the most common and popular orthodontic procedure of adjusting the teeth using braces. We offer a wide array of braces from economical to high end invisible invisalign (clear) braces.

Fixed Space Maintainers - there are cases when a child loses its baby tooth much earlier than the development of teeth. In such cases a space maintainer is used to restraint the nearby teeth from filling in the gap created by the missing tooth. 

Aligners work very similar to the braces. However, these are removable and are removed for eating, brushing and flossing the teeth.


What are the Benefits of Orthodontic Treatments? Orthodontic treatments have three major benefits. Better Lifestyle, A perfect smile is a great tool and gives a huge boost to the morale and confidence to the individual. A perfect smile can lead to a successful professional and personal life as it makes a huge first impressions. Better Digestion When the jaw is able to close perfectly, it allows you to chew the food completely. Completely chewed food is easily digested. A great number of oral problems are solved with a perfect mouth. 


Why Come To Us? Orthodontics is a long term procedure and takes time to reflect results. We offer personal care to every patient and it matters a lot to orthodontic patients who visit us several times a month for adjustments and monitoring. With advances in technology, orthodontic treatments for adults or for children is especially affordable in Albany County Dental Associates

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