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General dentistry

The crux of dentistry is to ensure healthy smiles. As a dentist, it is our primary responsibility to ensure that our patients never have to take a restorative or cosmetic treatment. Preventive dentistry is all about care. We care about our patients and ensure that their teeth and gums remain healthy without the need of any complex dental procedures. We suggest our patients to have regular appointments at least twice per year even if they do not feel any problems. To make it easy for you to understand why you need to come to us on regular intervals at least thrice a year, here are a few procedures that we carry out in these visits.

Periodontal Care & Hygiene We, at Albany County Dental Associates believe that teeth are best in their natural shape, a patient should always take care of their teeth. He highly recommends brushing the teeth at least twice a day and regular flossing of teeth to avoid any deposit of plaque or tartar (Calculus). Patients who ignore these simple procedures become more vulnerable to dental problems. Apart from daily care, periodic assessment is also necessary. Using state of art equipment, we at Albany County Dental Associates do a 360 degree assessment of your dental health. Our assessment includes teeth, gums and roots to ensure that there are no hidden problems which are silently developing into a big dental problem. Dental hygiene and periodic assessment are the key to prevent periodontal care.

Teeth Growth Most people do not understand the importance of visiting a dentist when teeth are growing. Be it a canine in a child or wisdom teeth in adults, it is always a painful process. There are a lot of things that a dentist can do when you teeth are growing. Be it the orientation, position or any other factor, a dentist can help you in aligning your tooth when it is in growth stage. We highly recommend our patients to visit us at least once whenever there is a tooth growth. If it is growing normally, we would never ask you to pay another visit.

Teeth Grinding There are a good number of patients who do not realize that they have a passive habit of grinding their teeth when they are sleeping or subconscious. Most doctors share that in their career most patients who suffered from teeth grinding were not aware about their habit. They started to realize it after grinding a substantial amount of teeth when there were symptoms like pain, sensitivity etc. We at Albany County Dental Associates always checks for the symptoms of grinding on every general visit. Once detected, a custom fit mouth guard may be the remedy.

Gum Recession Gum recession is a commonly occurring. A receding gum can be “Slowed down” from receding further but it is very difficult (impossible in some cases) to restore the gums to their initial state. There are simple issues like hard brushing, chewing tobacco etc. which contribute to gum recession. Periodic visit to the dentist get you an early warning which will help you in altering your habit and also get you a treatment to stop the receding gums.

What We Offer In General Dentistry? We have the latest state of art equipment that will turn your periodic visit into a matter of a few minutes and will ensure that your oral health is completely taken care of in that short visit. All of our staff is very attentive towards each and every patient. A short visit to Albany County Dental Associates ensures that Your ‘ Billion Dollar Smile Remains forever....‘

Why Us? General Dentistry is about attentive observation, a thorough unrushed visit, for every single patient with undivided attention to look for dental problems that cannot be seen in hurry. Albany County Dental Offers Cares