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Dentures are removable artificial set of teeth which are used to replace the missing teeth to restore the proper functioning of the jaw and to restore the smile of the patient. Dentures are there since ages and with the help of continuous research and development they have evolved with time. Now, the dentures are very strong, durable and are very easy to maintain. There are some dentures that do not require the user to remove them from the jaw in order to clean them. These dentures get cleaned in the normal brushing of teeth, making it easier for the patients.


There are different types of dentures for different type of clients. Here are the different types of dentures that we provide at Albany County Dental.


  • Economical Full Denture.
  • Custom Full Denture.
  • Deluxe Full Denture.
  • Premium Full Denture.
  • Cast Metal.
  • Partial Denture.
  • Flexible (non-metal) Partial Denture.
  • Acrylic Partial Denture
  • Implant based Dentures


The full dentures are used for patients who need to replace the complete jawline and the partial dentures are useful for patients who wish to fill in a few gaps or missing teeth in their jawline. The different variants of dentures are available for different requirements and budget of the patient. The comfort level and durability of the dentures increase as we go towards the high end variants of the dentures.

Why are dentures a necessity? Whenever someone has a missing teeth the dentists recommend them to have a denture. Patients think that they are doing it for economic interest. However, a denture is a necessity for every jaw with missing teeth.

Here are a few problems which are resolved by a denture.


  •   Avoids facial sagging that occurs in absence of teeth.
  •   Enhances the clarity in speech which is lost with the loss of crucial teeth.
  •   Reduces the chances of indigestion as the patient is able to completely chew the food.
  •   Cosmetic enhancement with a complete jawline. Retain your youthful smile.


Major Benefit  In a mouth full of healthy teeth, teeth normally support each other, if a patient has missing teeth it is important to close that gap(provide support) in order to prevent the teeth of becoming loose(support each other). If the untreated, due to gaps ,healthy teeth that have no support on either side may become loose and/or mobile and may need to be extracted, making an already bad situation worse.

These three benefits have a huge impact on the patients. A denture is a life changing event for people who lose confidence due to loss of teeth.

Benefits of having a high quality denture A high quality denture is often seen as an expensive alternate of a cheap solution. However, there is a huge gap in the capabilities of a high end and a low cost denture. Here are a few benefits that you get when you buy a high end denture.

Flexibility The top quality dentures are made of flexible material making them more user friendly and easy to use. A large number of patients feel a huge difference when they switch to a flexible metal free denture from a regular denture. Flexible dentures are know to be custom form fitting, providing comfortable experience to the wearer, hugging the jaw in a snug comfortable feel. Most patients even forget at some point that theyre even wearing a denture. And people they interact with certialnly will not even have a clue. 

Durability In a low cost denture one needs to be cautious while eating extremely hard food items. High end dentures are made with top quality materials which offer unmatched strength and durability.

Longevity A high quality denture lasts much longer as it can bear the impact of years of chewing with no signs of damage. A high quality denture lasts twice as much as a normal variant.

Self-Cleaning Top quality dentures can be cleaned in the normal brushing processes without no hazards and there is no need to take them out for brushing or any other activity. These dentures are very comfortable and easy to use.

Why Come To Albany County Dental For A Denture? We offer a five year warranty on all variants of fixed and removable dentures. We offer the warranty for complete peace of mind of our clients. We value our clients and help them in adjusting with a new denture. Every denture needs a little adjustment for a better compatibility with the patient, we offer complete assistance to the patient while they adjust with their new denture. We guarantee you will have the best dentures in the industry Fit, Look and Feel.

Contact us now! For our Affordable, Flexible, Metal Free Denture services. They Will Change Your Life !