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Dental Injury due to Accident

Dental Injury Due To Accident In other words, these are primarily traumatic dental injuries suffered in the event of an accident. Whether playing sport, a car accident or any other motor vehicle accident to regular slip and falls Dental injury may often occur in the time least expected

Examples of Dental Injury due to Accident may include: - Avulsed Teeth - Dislodged Teeth - Chipped Teeth - Root Injuries Even though they may sometimes seem mild, painless and asymptomatic to the point that they may go unnoticed, one should make it a priority to see a qualified dentist as soon as they can to avoid future, perhaps more severe dental problems. With our highly sophisticated dental equipment, technology and expertise, we have the solutions for you in case you‘ve just suffered or recently sustained a Dental Injury due to Accident. Feel free to contact us anytime or visit us right away if you need specialized traumatic dental injury treatment by one of our dentists. 

In most cases, Medical insurance will cover the cost of dental treatment  if the injury was sustained in an accident.

The Treatment ? The specialized dental care practitioners seek to restore, repair, reshape and realign teeth to restore your smile and teeth structure back to original. Here is how the various issues are addressed upon visiting a reliable Albany County Dentists. Chipped, Broken, or Fractured Teeth are some of the most commonly encountered situations after an accident is the case where teeth come out chipped or fractured. Treatment is achieved through use repairs and professional reattachment, where artificial crowns may be required if the damage extends deep down to the root canal. There is also specialized treatment for situations where the teeth pulp is left exposed to the external environments; in which case the patient may develop teeth sensitivity. 

Luxated( bent) Teeth Dislodging of teeth may occur after an injury, a situation where teeth a shoved sideways from or into their sockets. Reposition and stabilizing can be done by general dentists in Albany County Dental Associates, sometimes followed by a root canal procedure precisely a few days or weeks after stabilization. Specialized dental medication will also be administered for treatment and pain management if any.

Avulsed Knocked-Out Teeth An avulsed tooth or several for that matter is when due to injury, the teeth tend to be knocked out from their sockets. It should be handled with care by our professionals and should be seen as soon as possible to determine the best and most efficient treatment option.

Root Fractures Root fractures my sometimes occur upon sustaining a traumatic dental injury. These can be treated well by our dentists from Albany County Dental Associates and may sometimes involve several visits to complete the treatments.

Is There Treatment for Dental Injury Due To Accident For Children? Repositioning and restoration of dislodged and chipped teeth in children can be done. A dentist should be seen immediately to properly diagnose and treatment plan for best results.

Is There Any Special Care Or Additional Treatment Needed? Well, this depends on a number of factors such as the extent of the injury, response to treatment, time length from injury to treatment among others. A visits to an expert dentists such as one from Albany County Dental Associates should be done ASAP.


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