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Dental implants

What Are The General Requirements And Process?


What are Dental Implants?

Missing teeth are a great problem for most of the patients. They cannot cherish their favorite food because of the limitations; they often feel inconvenience when chewing because of the missing tooth or even feel embarrassment when the missing tooth is visible. There are situations where a person loses his teeth in accident or their teeth are removed by the dentist in order to save the nearby teeth from getting damaged. In such cases, the person feels a void in their mouth, a missing tooth is a great discomfort. A dental implant is a restorative and cosmetic dentistry innovation in which a permanent tooth or a set of teeth are planted instead of missing tooth/teeth. A dental implant is same as a natural tooth and it lasts for more than one or two decades without any maintenance depending upon the quality of the implant.


How Do Dental Implants Work? When a tooth is removed there is a vacant space between the nearby teeth. To fill in the gap between the teeth a dental implant is placed between them. Dental Implant is a two-step process. In the first step an Implant Surgery is performed during which a titanium metal post or screw is placed replacing the root of the removed tooth. When the screw is firmly held by the jaw, a crown or a bridge is placed using the post as a foundation. A high quality dental implant lasts at least two decades without any troubles in most of the cases.

Not Every One Needs Implants, but do you need it’? Dental Implant is a surgical procedure that requires placement of an artificial titanium root and a crown over the root. It used to costs a substantial amount of money and is also a little painful for some patients, however with advances in technology dental implants are as affordable and as painless as ever. So, in order to understand if you really need a dental implant you need to evaluate both pros and cons of dental implants.

Benefits of Dental Implants
  • Dental Implants are long lasting. A high quality dental implant lasts more than two decades without any maintenance.
  • A dental implant restores natural smile without any visible wire, metal or any such object in your jawline. It restores your smile and your confidence.
  • Dental Implant is jaw saving solution, a missing tooth weakens the nearby teeth since there is no support on one or both sides. That puts healthy teeth at risk by making them loose, at which point hey may need to be extracted. By placing an implant the nearby teeth are strengthened and guarantee longevity , beauty and youthfulness of your mouth.
  • Most people do not know or feel they have dental implants when entire process is finished. Whether to themselves, their colleagues or their lovers Dental Implants  - look and feel as your natural teeth.

Downside of Dental Implants

  • It is a surgical procedure that places a metal base inside your jawline.
  • It is a costly solution to a missing tooth.
  • In rare events, patients have an allergic reaction to titanium base.

Who really needs an Implant? Based on the above pros and cons of dental implants we can conclude that a dental implant is suitable for patients with following requirements. 

Those who want a natural smile with no visible wire or metal inside their mouth.

Those who are looking for a long term solution to a missing tooth. It is the only solution that lasts for decades.

Those who do not want the troubles of maintaining dentures, dental adhesives etc.

Those who are willing to pay a little extra to get back to a normal life without the worries of maintaining their smile with the help of dentures or pay regular visits to the dentist.

Contact us now! For our unique Affordable Dental Implants services.

Contact us now!

For our unique Affordable Dental Implants services.