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Child orthodontics

Having misaligned or crooked teeth is more than a problem of teeth for the children. Most children undergo a huge pressure as they are teased by their classmates and bullies who show insensitivity towards their abnormal jaw structure. Child orthodontics has two major domains of applications. One is partial adjustment of the teeth using retainers and other is a major alignment of the teeth using braces. Here is a complete overview of both the procedures that we offer. Having, straight, uniform teeth is not only a confidence builder for a child into the adulthood, in some instances it may be necessary to prevent future problems with teeth as adults and cause less psychological and financial stress.

Braces for Children Braces are most effective if they are used in childhood. During early days the facial muscles and jaw structure is developing, so if we alter the orientation of the teeth using braces it is complemented by the muscular growth. Human jaw keeps developing till early twenties with the growth of wisdom teeth. Until that time, if we alter the teeth structure using braces, it is supported by the developing muscles offering a better support to the jawline. Although, there is no loss of strength on doing it after that age, but it takes more time and requires a more complex procedure to align the teeth after that age. If you are considering to adjust the teeth of your child, we highly recommend to do it as early as possible.

Types of Braces  Types of braces available with Albany County Dental Associates.offer

• Stainless Steel Braces.

• Ceramic Braces.

• High Grade Plastic Braces.

• Braces made of combination of the above given variants.

• Clear, Removable Braces

Retainers When there is a need of a slight adjustment in the jawline, we do not use braces for such correction. Correction like changing the orientation of a tooth, reducing gap between two teeth etc. can be done using retainers. It is a low cost dental treatment which is very effective in giving perfect smiles to the children. There are cases when an initially well grown jaw starts to get deformed with the development of the jaw with age. In such cases, retainers are the best solution. They hold the jaw together during the whole development process ensuring a perfect jawline. In some instances, Braces needs to be followed by retainers, to properly, maintain, preserve and solidify the treatment with Braces. Since teeth do have memory, it may be necessary for individuals to wear retainers more often than others for various durations of time.

Apart from these two basic solutions we also offer some minor adjustments like. 

• Bands.

• Brackets.

• Wires.

• Headgear.

• Rubber Bands.

These are specific purpose orthodontic procedures done to make minor adjustments in the growing jawline of a child. Albany County Dental Associates give these alternate low cost solutions instead of high cost braces to ensure that their parents do not lose money while giving them perfect smiles.

Why Come To Us For Child Orthodontics? We offer specialized child orthodontic treatment with great care and commitment. We offer a wide array of minor treatments that can resolve the problems of your child without going for complex procedures like braces or retainers. These low cost treatments are sometimes very effective on the developing jaws of children.

Having Straight teeth is not a luxury, its a Necessity, not just for esthetics but for future oral health of the patient!

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